About Us

Khalid Lemar Company is a young and dynamic company which was founded in 2002 specializing in the productions, sales and marketing of Mobile phones and Electronics as well as general merchandise.


Mission Statement

To provide affordable and quality solutions in mobile industry and the world at large to meet specific challenges and enable our customers to benefit from the advanced use of information technology.


Our Vision

To become the world leading mobile and Technology Company that produces quality products and provides reliable services.


Our Values?

Our values are the DNA of our businesses; they will help us to achieve our Vision. Khalid Lemar Company works in compliance with Ethics, Discipline and Integrity (E.D.I.).

Who We Are?

Khalid Lemar Company is a young and dynamic company which was founded in 2002 specializing in the productions, sales and marketing of Mobile phones and Electronics as well as general merchandise.

From the very beginning of our existence, we have been dealing mobile phones wholesale by partnering with all the major brands such as Apple (iPhone, iPad), Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Nokia, LG and Sony. We are the official distributor of Huawei brand cell phones in Afghanistan.

We are located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with 2 Regional Offices, 1 in Kabul city of Afghanistan and another 1 in Frankfurt, Germany respectively.

Our Management Team

Khalid Lemar Company is made up by a group of young industrious people who are passionate about their work. We are committed to meeting all the needs of modern-day technology, constantly adapting our services in an ever-changing Mobile phone and IT industries. It is a great honor for all of us at Khalid Lemar Company to have earned the trust of hundreds of businesses, many of which are leaders in their respective industries, in Afghanistan, Dubai, Germany and abroad.

We promise to continue bringing about change in the area of IT infrastructure and telecommunications, relieving our customers of the excessive costs.

What We Do

We lead Customers on their digital transformation journey, providing solutions and services that leverage deep industry expertise, global scale, customer care core value independence and an extensive partner community.


We offer the latest and greatest innovations in mobile technology, including cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices which 100% Genuine.

We Support High Performance

At Khalid Lemar Company, we never set for anything less than providing you with prompt and reliable support. Relying on the strongest team of certified professionals, we are right here for you, ready to help with the most specialized technical and IT-related issues.

Quality Control

Our quality control makes sure the results of what you’ve done are what you expected.

What can we do for you ?

Our Technical Support Team is made up of leading certified IT experts with many years of experience. They are constantly trained and evaluated with a view to providing the very best solutions even to the most demanding problems.

Our specialized Marketing Team is always looking into the actual needs of our customers, relying on the recent technical developments in Mobile phone and IT industries. Our Sales Department made up of highly qualified professionals, adapts and promotes solutions and services which are tailored to each customer. Our sales strategy focuses on achieving the best possible cost-benefit relationship.

We are committed to developing processes and products able to meet the growing demands of the modern technology age as well as our customers’ needs, we constantly develop our service offerings, in line with the latest developments, and we have setup a team of researchers / innovators who can rise to every challenge with extreme efficiency.

Khalid Lemar is built on the principle that a satisfied customer is a returning customer.

With numerous years of experience in this industry, Khalid Lemar has set itself apart as a reputable and trusted mobile phone wholesale distributor around the world.

Our Partners